The Bicafe on on Albion St, King’s Lynn, behind the bus station. One of the half-dozen or so establishments serving the Portuguese community in the town. Usually family businesses run by ladies of a certain age they serve traditional dishes like Bacalhau à Brás - salt cod and potatoes that offer a little taste of home to those that perhaps haven’t been there for a while. Portuguese cafes take their very coffee seriously and everything starts with espresso. If you go ask for a Cortado, a double shot, with a layer of honey then steamed milk.  

 Being a romance language Portuguese has gendered words, so it’s Obrigado to say thank you as a man and Obrigada as a woman. Naturally I got it wrong, although in recent times the language has tended towards the masculine, something that apparently doesn’t meet with the approval of the older generation.

The Bicafe cafe on Albion Street, King Lynn, Norfolk,UK,