1. Pricing from £195.00.
Licensing an image from me for online use is very easy. Whether your use is private, commercial, editorial or educational, there is one fixed price, £195.00. This price is for any size of use, for any length of time on the Internet. For all other uses please get in touch via email.

2. Moral rights - credited or uncredited?
When you license an image for any use you must attribute it to me as Si Barber next to its use. This is known as moral rights and is part of my lawful entitlement as the image creator. Additionally, when I am identified as the author of my images it brings further work my way. In some circumstances however, I understand it may suit your purposes to publish without my credit. If this is the case you can also license an image from me without attribution for twice the credited price, £390.00.

3. Payment
Whatever you decide which is best, simply make a note of the name/number of the image you require and click the button below. You can also add any special requirements you have, for example resizing, and when done make payment.


4. Metadata Removal

When you receive the image from me the image file will have data embedded in it identifying me as the copyright holder. This is known as metadata and is not generally visible to the online/print viewer. It is a condition of my contract & licensing terms that this metadata should not be be altered or removed under any circumstances, even if you have paid the enhanced rate for uncredited use. Neither should any actions be undertaken that obscure my ownership of the work(s). The reason for this is that if the metadata is removed the image may not be able to be traced back to me, and become ‘orphaned’. If an image is licensed from me and the metadata is changed or removed, you agree that £195 shall be payable for that change/removal in addition to any fees paid to secure licensing rights.

5. Terms & Conditions 
I also urge you to read my terms of image licensing and get in touch with any question you have as your payment signifies acceptance of my terms.

Upon receipt of your payment you will be sent a contract setting out our agreement.