Benefits recipients fear financial squeeze of UK chancellor’s welfare reforms - for the FT.

UK Businesses give their Verdict on Autumn Statement. - for the FT.


The Union flag umbrella, conveyor of a thousand metaphors and one of my go-to props when photographing politicians. Always good for providing a bit of colour on a dull day in November and the symbolism works as part the story. In this case, more trouble for the Tories as members flock to Reform UK. 

For The Guardian. Hit the link for the story.

The Stiffkey Fairy Bridge (pronounced Stookey). 

 The 'David & Goliath' story is a great trope of newspapers and this story about a battle between the residents of a Norfolk village and the National Trust ticked all the boxes. There's been a bridge over Cabbage Creek on Stiffkey marsh for decades or even perhaps hundreds of years to facilitate cocklers, and latterly walkers and anglers across the tidal mud. The official bridge was removed and replacement promised, but at the time of writing had yet to appear, until one night the marsh fairies 'intervened' a built one for the villagers. I was surprised about the lack of interest when I was punting it round to my usual newspaper contacts, but fortunately James Tapper of the Observer saw the merit in it and wrote a cracking piece. At the time of writing it's the most read article on their website. Hit the link for the story as it was published.

Stiffkey Marshes Bridge DisputeStiffkey Marshes, North Norfolk, UK. A number of the village inhabitants are in dispute with the National Trust after a bridge providing access to the marshes was removed. Subsequently it led to an unofficial one being installed, apparently by 'marsh fairies'. Pictures shows: Sign outside the viallage appealing for the return of the bridge. The Shoebottom family traversing the ad-hoc bridge over Cabbage creek on the marsh.