Hello and welcome to the website of Si Barber, photographer. I shoot creative photography, features and portraiture for press, business and publishers. To see what I do and with whom I work click through the links on the home page. I'm based in Norfolk, but I work around the UK. I'm close to Norwich, Cambridge, and the cities of Lincoln, Ipswich, & Peterborough.

My day to day work is providing eye-catching images that draw the reader's attention. If you read The Guardian or the Financial Times you may have seen my photographs there. I also undertake public relations and corporate work with some of the UK's most prominent companies.

When I'm not doing that I'll pursuing my personal projects or looking after my picture library which focuses on social issues and British culture.

In 2011 I published The Big Society (ISBN 9781803521213), a portrait of England since the financial crisis of 2008. Subsequently the work has been collected by a number academic institutions and museums for their permanent archives. You can see the work in it's published entirety by clicking the link.

In 2016 I published Queens of Lesser Realms (ISBN 9781782807377) which has been collected by the British Library amongst others for their archives.

Copies of both are still available, £12.00 and £15.00 respectively, plus £2.00 for postage.

If you're interested in more about me and my work, click the links below.

Interview with Vice Magazine (pdf).

A short interview and film by ITV Anglia.