The New Consumers.

Two young men from Lithuania out shopping in Boston, Lincolnshire on Saturday afternoon. They’ve adopted the ‘gopnik’ look, popular amongst fans of 'blatnaya pe… more

Picture of the Day: At the heart of the Mart.

Established by Henry VIII in 1537 and disrupted only by the occasional… more

Picture of the Day: Fenland Honesty Box.

Squash for sale down the Fen off the A10 near Southery during the recent cold snap… more

Transport Cafes

A series of images of diners and transport cafes which I shot some years ago on a Noblex camera, which has a swing lens. Many of the cafes are closed now having been demolished for housing.


The peoples of East Anglia are well known for their argumentative ways; From Hereward The Wake who resisted the Norman invasion, to Thomas Paine and the Boston Pilgrims who founded modern America, and Oliver Cromwell who asserted the primacy of democracy.

The Big Society

Reflections on austerity and David Cameron's concept of Britain. Published in 2011. Review by Vice Magazine

Queens of Lesser Realms

90 English carnival queens to commemorate the 90th birthday of Her Majesty the Queen. Published as a book ISBN 9781782807377. Review by The Guardian

Permitted Activity

Between March 2020, and July 2021 normality came to a halt for most people in Norfolk and life was reduced to a small number of activities permitted by the Government, whose response to the Covid 19 pandemic was to enact the most restrictive laws on o…

USAAF Aircrew Murals

The remnants of murals left behind by USAAF aircrews in East Anglia during WW2. Review by the The Guardian

Last train to Shippea Hill

Looking at migrant labour in the fens of East Anglia from to Brexit & Beyond

Soham Pumpkin Fair

The growing of pumpkins in the peat rich Cambridgeshire Fens is a profitable business thanks to the proximity of a number of US airbases and the American enthusiasm for celebrating Halloween. For almost fifty years the community of Soham has come tog…

Great Yarmouth - a town of swagger & edge

One of my favourite towns is Great Yarmouth. Like all port towns it’s got a bit of an edge and swagger to it, but unlike most of its neighbours along the Norfolk coast it has managed to resist commodification by the well heeled liberals fleeing…