1. All images, content, and design are the exclusive copyright of Si Barber. No use of them may be made without my written consent.

2. licenses are only granted to named clients. All licenses are non-transferable. Non transferable means you cannot grant rights to another person, organisation or business to reproduce the image. If you are not sure if this covers all of your intended usage please contact me for clarification.

3. Authorised usage fees are agreed expressly by Si Barber.

4. You must credit the image to Si Barber each time it is used. If you fail to do so an additional 100% of the original applicable license fee will be payable.

5. Digital images will be transferred with metadata embedded. This metadata may not be removed/altered under any circumstances. If any metadata is changed or removed, £195 SHALL BE PAYABLE for that change/removal in addition to any fees paid to secure licencing rights.

6. Where use of an image has been made as part of a contractual agreement, but payment has not been received, interest equivalent to the Bank of England's base rate plus 8% will be added to the invoice in accordance with the Provisions of the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998 . Where an image use has been made without a contractual arrangement being in place the interest rate applied will be 8%.

7. In accordance with the Part 1, Chapter 4, Section 77 of the Copyright Design & Patents Act 1988 Si Barber has asserted his moral rights and objects to any derogatory treatment or unauthorised alterations, manipulations or deletions of his works. These rights are asserted in accordance with Section 78, paragraph 3 (a,b) of the act. The persons bound by this assertion are described in Section 78, paragraph 4(c) and paragraph 4(d). 

8. All transactions/uses of my images fall under the jurisdiction of English law.