All images, content, and design are the exclusive copyright of Si Barber. No use of them may be made without my written consent.

No use of my images may be made on social media, blogs, mobile applications, in print, online or via email without prior written permission.

I do not sell Royalty Free images, I only license for specific uses to named clients. All licenses are non-transferable.

Authorised usage fees are negotiable subject to a minima as agreed expressly by Si Barber. The amount of these fees is dependent on the use you wish to make of my work including the length of time required. Pricing assumes you will credit the image to me on or very near the image when you publish it. If you do not wish to credit me you may still use the image, subject to a 100% uplift on the credited price. (NB, the uncredited price will still include my information embedded in the metadata).

In accordance with Part 1, Chapter IV, Section 77 of the Copyright Design & Patents Act 1988 Si Barber asserts his right to be credited as the author of his works and objects to any derogatory treatment of those works. This right is asserted generally and in accordance with Section 78 of the Act.

Please also note -

Online use may be subject to a maximum term.

Unauthorised use may incur further uplifts for, but not limited to derogatory treatment.

Provisions of the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998 apply on all debts.

All transactions/uses of my images fall under the jurisdiction of English law.

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