Great Yarmouth - a town of swagger & edge



One of my favourite towns is Great Yarmouth. Like all port towns it’s got a bit of an edge and swagger to it, but unlike most of its neighbours along the Norfolk coast it has managed to resist commodification by the well heeled liberals fleeing the the depravities of London in a search for an England they remember from their childhood. Much of the old town including the market, where once you could see the herring catch, or traders juggling plates has, of course gone, having been replaced by something ugly designed by an expensive architect. Despite that Yarmouth still retains the spirit that Dickens found in it. If you go make sure you check out the Market Tavern - a proper local pub and Klobber & Western World on Regent Rd.


Negotiating a burst water main.

A chip stall on the old market.


Puppetman entertaining the crowds.


Posters advertising the Freemen of the Land Movement


Misery Memoirs for sale on the market.

Market place.


Hauling a crucifix past the Leisureland amusement arcade.

The Market Tavern public house.

Klobber & Western, Regent Rd.

A customer at Gary Salmon's pie & peas stall on its last day of trading at the old market. The stall has been trading since 1946 and will close when the market moves to a new area in the town

On Regent Road.


St Nicholas Tavern, St Nicholas Rd.

Mr Robin Platten of Brewer's Chip Saloon serving customers in funeral garb on their last day of trading at Great Yarmouth market. Brewer's has been trading since 1902 and will close when the market moves to a new area in the town.