Portuguese cafe, King's Lynn

Wash day, King's Lynn, Norfolk.

Mihai, a worker from Romania in a vegetable processing factory in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire sitting on a bench in the town centre on his day off from work.

A ferret gets its teeth inspect by a member of the Cambridgeshire Ferret Welfare & Rescue Society who attend the fair to give advice about ferret welfare both as working animals and as pets.

Fancy dress competition winner.

Fancy dress competition entrants.

Entries are laid out for inspection by the judges.

The vegetable are graded and put into their categories.

Si Barber

The blessing of fishing boats at the Fisher Fleet on Sea Sunday, King's Lynn, Norfolk,UK,10th July 2022.

Queen's Jubilee celebrations on Windsor Rd,King's Lynn.

A group of trick or treaters on Portland Street, King's Lynn, Norfolk,UK, 31st October 2012.

The opening of Poundstretcher in KIng's Lynn, Norfolk,UK. The chain of discount stores was established by Paul Appell & Stephen Fearnley.

Si Barber

Extinction Rebellion anti-oil campaign 31.08.2020, King’s Lynn, Norfolk,UK.

Si Barber

Whites’ convenience store, London Rd,King’s Lynn, Norfolk,UK.

Si Barber

Halloween trick or treaters in King's Lynn,Norfolk,UK,2021.