An abandoned caravan used for a political campaign painted with a Union Jack flag, Huntingdonshire UK.


St Nicholas Tavern, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk,UK


Mummers recreating the legend of St George & the Dragon on St George’s Day, Downham Market, Norfolk. The dragon is played by the town's mayor, Frank Daymond, St George by Councillor David Sharman.

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A customised scooter illustrating a scene from Shakespeare's Henry 5th.


St Nicholas Tavern, St Nicholas Rd.

A English flag painted on a the door of No 11 Falcon Rd, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire

Jill & Hob ferrets (male & female) at the Soham Pumpkin Fair. The species of polecat were traditionally used for hunting rabbit, but are now mostly kept as pets.

Fancy dress competition winner.

Traders selling pumpkins to the public.

Officials measuring the sunflower heads.

Officials judging the competition for the tallest sunflower.

Entries are laid out for inspection by the judges.

Prizes are awarded for length and weight.

The pumpkins are divided in catergories.


The pumpkins are carefully guarded.

After weighing the pumpkins are arranged into categories.

The pumpkins are collected by Hiab for weighing.

Pumpkins await collection and weighing.